Institute for Microecology - Your specialist for microbiota and mucous membranes

The MVZ Institute of Microecology in Herborn, Germany, is the specialist for diseases that are caused by changes in the microbiota and mucous membrane. It consists of the “Laboratory Diagnostics” and “General Practitioner Care” departments. Here you will find everything about our laboratory diagnostics.

Nearly 70 years of microbiota diagnostics

Today the MVZ Institute for Microecology can fall back on a wealth of experience of nearly 70 years. The institute examines the bacteria on and in our body - with a focus on intestinal flora, vaginal flora and oral flora.

The intestinal flora examination is moving more and more into the focus of science, today microbiome research deals with the topic worldwide. Scientists agree on what three young doctors in a small intestinal flora laboratory in Herborn assumed six decades ago: there is a connection between intestinal bacteria and many diseases. Even back then, they viewed people holistically and in symbiosis with the microbes that colonized them. In their opinion, the intestinal flora diagnostics provided information about a disturbed interaction between humans and the environment. Today microbiome research confirms the connection between chronic diseases and bacterial colonization in the intestine and provides interesting incentives for the development of new microbiome diagnostics.

The Institute for Microecology develops processes on a microbiological, immunological and molecular biological basis for the diagnosis of the intestinal flora and the analysis of the intestinal mucosa in order to competently support the general practitioner in his daily work. To this end, the institute transfers the latest research results on the diagnosis of the microbiota and the diagnosis of the intestinal mucosa into specific detection methods that make sense for the patient. Cooperation with universities supports the innovative approach and requires laboratory medical work at the highest technical level.

We see the whole human being - from head to toe

The Institute for Microecology is not only a long-term partner for doctors and therapists, dentists, midwives and pharmacists. It also offers patients primary care with a focus on naturopathic diagnostic procedures such as stool examinations of the intestinal flora and holistic therapies.

Since the first diagnostic offer, the Institute of Microecology has added over 20 medical laboratory tests to diagnose the intestinal flora, oral flora and vaginal flora and to diagnose the intestinal mucosa. From abdominal complaints, allergies, gynecological diseases, dental diseases, infections to preventive measures - the range of medical laboratory diagnostics is wide.

The state-of-the-art laboratory enables a quick and comprehensive diagnosis of the microbiota and mucous membrane and then gives the doctor a sound therapy recommendation based on naturopathic and conventional medical approaches. Clear seminars - so far only in German - deepen the knowledge of which diagnostics can specifically test the intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa and thus detect the causes of chronic diseases.

The laboratory diagnostics department of the MVZ Institute for Microecology is a medical laboratory accredited by the DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO 15189. The accreditation is only valid for the scope of accreditation listed in the annex (D-ML-13337-01-00). - DAkkS is the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany. Pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008 and the Accreditation Body Act (AkkStelleG), it acts in the public interest and as the sole provider of accreditations in Germany.